Lamb Covers

Woolover Lamb Covers are 100% wool covers designed to stretch and grow with newborn lambs promoting survival and growth.

Woolover lamb covers offer farmers the following benefits:

  • Easy to fit.
  • At NZ$4.50 per cover this is cost-effective and practical.
  • Minimal disruption between bonding of ewe and lamb.
  • Can be left on to tailing with no ill effect. Evidence suggests that increased growth rates result due to additional warmth and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Woolovers can be washed and reused between animals - will last up to 3 weeks continual usage.
  • Come in courier packs of 100 (10 mini packs of 10 covers).
  • The mini plastic packs fit well on a motorbike or in the back of the truck.

Translate your animal's food intake into more growth rather than body heat maintenance.

Dr Jock Allison, Silverstream East Friesians, NZ
"We have been using Woolover lamb covers for over 3 years now. Young lambs are simply not at risk during storms and they grow faster."
Owen & Barbara Scott, Winners WNZ Ewe & Hogget competition, NZ
"Woolover lamb covers are part of our lambing kit to ensure maximum survival of newborn lambs in a storm. We consider Woolovers a cost effective tool to ensure the survival of a lamb potentially worth $40 or more."