Welcome to Woolover Limited

Woolover Limited is a company based in Christchurch, New Zealand specialising in the production and marketing of woollen animal covers.

The covers are all wool-rich and are designed to prevent hypothermia in new born animals as well as to promote higher growth rates in larger animals.

Woolover Limited was formed in 1992 in response to severe lamb and calf losses in New Zealand and now manufactures and exports covers to over 15 countries.

Woolover Limited continues to work closely with AgResearch to improve its covers for the benefit of farmers.

"Woolover animal covers are the Natural Thermal Protector to promote animal growth and lower hypothermic losses."

"Translate your animal's food intake into more growth rather than body heat maintenance."

The basic ingredient in all covers is WOOL, which has several fundamental qualities that are not found in other materials:

  • Wool generates and retains heat when wet.
  • Wool breathes ensuring animals remain warm without sweating under the cover and ensures that the cover dries out.
  • Wool takes on one third of its weight in water drawing water away from the hide of the animal keeping the animal warm and dry.
  • The Woolovers can also be washed and reused between animals.
Turley Farms, 8000 ewes South Canterbury, New Zealand
We had enough Woolover lamb covers left to cover 40 newborn lambs by 10pm in a southerly storm. Next morning 38 were alive. In another paddock only 5 out of 40 uncovered survived the night.

Kathy & Wayne Voth, Minona. MN, USA
"We use Woolover calf covers in the fall and winter when the weather turns cold. I put the Woolovers on every newborn and just rotate them to the newest calves. We haven't lost a calf to scours since using Woolovers."

Gloria Fortsch, Dover, MN, USA
"Woolover calf covers help our calves grow faster and weigh more. Last winter I had two calves that weighed the same weight at birth and I put a Woolover on one and not the other. After 2 weeks, I took the Woolover off the calf and she weighed more even though she was younger."