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Blanket your calves today!
It's important to outfit your calves in fall, before cold weather inhibits their performance. Start using the Woolover Ultra by contacting your local Woolover distributor. Or call Ecolab at (651) 293 2261 for more information.

Woolover Ultra Calf Covers

Faster, Healthier calf growth.
Can't take the calves to Arizona this winter. You can still keep them warm - and productive - with the new Woolover® Ultra.

Even more advanced than the original Woolover, this unique, high-performance calf blanket helps calves grow quicker and more efficiently. It also helps prevent scours and respiratory diseases, because it keeps calves' body temperature constant.

  • The Woolover Ultra gives you Emphatex, a waterproof outer shell, with the original Woolover underneath, for proven warmth and protection.
  • Together, they repel wet, cold and windy weather more effectively, so calves stay drier.
  • Emphatex also adds four times greater strength to the Woolover Ultra, helping it keep its shape calf after calf.
  • When a calf's body temperature rises, the membranes in Emphatex expand.
  • Like wool, this outer shell breathes, allowing excess heat vapors to escape while further reducing interior condensation.
  • Calves wearing the Woolover Ultra retain their natural body heat and expend less energy trying to stay warm. Instead, they convert energy to growth.

Easy to wash and use...

Keeping your Woolover Ultra clean is easier than ever, because the slick outer surface of Empatex helps repel manure, mud and bedding. You can easily brush off any dirt debris that manage to adhere. Or you can machine wash the Woolover Ultra using warm water with mild detergent, then air dry.

To fit a calf, simply slip the cover over the calf's head, draw the front legs through the holes and rear legs through the straps, then fasten the Velcro stomach strips. It takes only seconds to do.

With normal use and dry storage these covers should last for 5 seasons.

Test Trials Prove Effectiveness
Research trials supervised by North Dakota State University revealed significant performance gains for calves wearing the original Woolover. Dairy calves gained an extra 14 pounds during the 65-day trial versus non-blanketed control calves. Beef calves, wearing a blanket of different composition, gained 37.8 pounds more than their controls.
Unseasonably mild temperatures made the gaines even more notable. Research further showed that the Woolover is more beneficial during the first three weeks for dairy calves kept outside or in hutches, and for the first 60 days for beef calves in dry lots.
Three sizes available.
SMALL suitable for calves 35-45kg.
MEDIUM 45-55kg.
LARGE 55kg upwards.
The original Woolover calf cover is still available.
Ultra Calf Cover