Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Cover

The Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Cover has been designed solely for fitting to new born beef calves on day one. They are made from wool that is needle punched to a hessian substrate resulting in a totally biodegradable cover.

New born calves fitted with the Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Cover are simply not at risk of dying from hypothermia and they will grow faster.


The cover is totally biodegradable with wool providing the warmth and absorbency to wick moisture away from the hide and the hessian substrate providing some strength. Be it rain, snow and wind chill or simply from the birth process, covering your new born beef calf with the Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Cover makes sound financial sense. You can expect the cover to last on the new born beef calf for up to three or four weeks and then fall off.

The Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Cover has been designed for an 85lb liveweight beef calf at birth, which is the optimum weight, but the Fit N Forget™ Beef cover will also fit smaller calves.

Wool provides warmth, is absorbent, breathable, comfortable to wear, is totally biodegradable and will ensure the thermo – neutral zone, being the heart/lung area, is kept at a constant temperature, both day and night in spite of the worst possible conditions. This means an increased chance of survival.

Fitting Suggestions

Fitted in a minute to a standing calf or sitting the new born on its bottom, slip the cover over the head, slide the cover down the backline, locate the front then the rear legs through the holes provided, straighten up the cover and release the calf.

Ensure the cow has licked the calf and bonding is complete, and if time permits fit the cover an hour later. Of course, waiting an hour after bonding is complete, will not be possible in some circumstances.


Features of the Fit N Forget Beef Calf Covers:

  • Keeps body heat up
  • Improved weight gains
  • Calf losses down
  • Easily fitted in seconds – no flapping or chaffing
  • Generates and retains heat when damp
  • Wool breathes ensuring quick drying
  • Wool smell is minimised to assist in cow/calf bonding
  • Enviromentally friendly – totally biodegradable


Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Cover Trial

On a minus 23 degrees Fahrenheit day, by simply fitting a Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Cover to a newborn, we lifted the actual hide temperature of the calf by 32 degrees Fahrenheit in four minutes!

Dr Clint Hilt, leading Veterinarian with MWI Animal Health, based in Power, Montana, worked closely with us as we trialed 50 Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Covers on his client's new born calves said “THESE COVERS ARE LIVESAVERS."


Supply of Fit N Forget™ Beef Calf Covers

The Woolover FIT N FORGET ™ Beef covers are available in bales of 100 units, outers of 10 units with 20 units strapped together to minimise freight costs. Single: Any number can be supplied.

The Woolover FIT N FORGET ™ Beef covers are available from the following contacts:
Phone: Busse Barron Acres (BBA) +1 715 296 7596